Vinyl Strip Door Material 
Strip Door Material
Strip Door Material In Stock in Wheeling,IL
& Greensboro, NC

 Services for Vinyl Strip Doors
  • We will cut strips to desired lengths
  • Punched holes for easy mounting after it is cut

 Strip Door Material Features
  • Protection of employees and goods from adverse environments
  • Restriction of air pollutants
  • Rugged & durable
  • Easy installation, cleaning, maintenance, and replacement
  • Easy access for walk/drive through traffic
  • Temperature control
  • Noise control
Rolls of Strip Door Material, Vinyl Strip Door, Strip Door Material
Strip door material Greensboro, NC.  NC strip door material.  We will cut and punch vinyl strips for the size of your doors.  8'' and 12'' wide strips.  Ribbed strip door material and smooth strip door material.  Strip door material.  Ribbed and standard strip door.  8'' wide strips and 12'' wide strips. Vinyl strip door material, strip door material in stock, cut and punch strip door material, strip door material supplier
Part #DescriptionFOBPrice Per Foot
80-80GS8'' Standard Strip Door MaterialGreensboro, NC$0.84
80-80GS-LT8'' Low Temp Strip Door MaterialGreensboro, NC$0.89
80-8-GS-RIB8'' Ribbed Strip Door MaterialGreensboro, NC$1.09
80-8GS-LT-RIB8'' Low Temp Ribbed Strip DoorGreensboro, NC$1.29
120-12GS12'' Standard Strip Door MaterialGreensboro, NC$1.84
120-12GS-LT12'' Low Temp Strip Door MaterialGreensboro, NC$2.24
120-12GS-RIB12'' Ribbed Strip Door MaterialGreensboro, NC$2.39
120-12GS-LT-RIB12'' Low Temp Ribbed Strip DoorGreensboro, NC$2.49
477045Hardware for Mounting Strip DoorGreensboro, NC$13.00
Vinyl Strip Doors, Strip Door Material
Door Width & HeightStrip Width & Thickness% of OverlapShipping WeightStock NumberPrice
3' x 7'8" x .080"50%21 lbs.3-7U-8P$82.00
4' x 7'8" x .080"50%28 lbs.4-7U-8P$106.00
6' x 7'8" x .080"50%38 lbs.6-7U-8P$162.00
4' x 8'8" x .080"50%30 lbs.4-8U-8P$118.00
6' x 8'8" x .080"50%44 lbs.6-8U-8P$175.00
8' x 8'8" x .080"50%56 lbs.8-8U-8P$245.00
8' x 10'8" x .080"50%66 lbs.8-10U-8P$294.00
8' x 10'12" x .120"66%96 lbs.8-10U-12P$405.00
10' x 10'8" x .080"50%81 lbs.10-10U-8P$360.00
10' x 10'12" x .120"66%125 lbs.10-10U-12P$508.00
12' x 12'12" x .120"66%169 lbs.12-12U-12P$696.00
Many applications indoors and outdoors:

  • Shipping and Receiving Docks
  • TrafficEntries/Exits
  • Storage Areas
  • Conveyor Openings
  • Spray Booths
  • Car Washes
  • Noise Reduction of Machinery

This Strip Door cuts your energy costs by
reducingt he amount of heated/cooleda ir
lost thru door openings.I n wintertime, it
prevents the entry of frigid air and the
escape of costly heated air. ln summertime,
it preventst the loss of cooled air and
keeps out humidity. You can see thru it,
walk thru it and drive thru it. Overlapping
flexible vinyl strips part easily to let a
person or truck pass and then close
automatically.  Keeps out dust, dirt, fumes, smoke and airborne contaminates.  It reduces sound transmission by acting as a sound barrier.  This versatile closure pays for itself immediately.
Vinyl Strip Door, Strip Door Materisl
Standard Size Strip Doors
Strip Doors Priced by Foot
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