Teardrop Pallet Rack, Mecalux Pallet Rack, In Stock Greensboro and Charlotte, NC
Teardrop Pallet Rack and Wire Decking, New and Used, Pallet Rack in Stock Greensboro and Charlotte, NC
Pallet Rack - Teardrop Style

• Popular teardrop style pallet rack interchanges with many other brands of pallet rack

• Unique bolted upright allows for easy replacement of damaged components

• Uprights ship fully assembled

• Safety load locks are attached to each beam end

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  • Mecalux Teardrop Style Pallet Rack
  • Blue Uprights & Orange Beams
  • Wire Decks are Nashville Wire
  • Standard Waterfall Style
  • Installation on Pallet Rack
  • Across the United States!
  • Quick freight quotes on your order
  • Select Pallet Rack in Stock in Greensboro, NC
  • All Teardrop Pallet Rack in Stock in Charlotte, NC
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Wire Decking In Stock
Wire Decking 
In Stock Charlotte, NC!
Mecalux Roll formed Selective Teardrop Pallet Rack is the most popular and versatile pallet rack in the industry. It offers the best solutions for warehouses with palletized products and a wide variety of goods.

  • Direct access to each pallet.
  • Simple stock management.
  • Adapts to any product volume, weight or size.

Mecalux uses only high-strength steel and other quality raw materials, which are certified to meet our stringent specifications. All weld operations are controlled through advanced robotics or performed by welders certified to AWS Standards. The durable powder coating and baked enamel finishes ensure long life under even the most demanding conditions.
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TU36-96-77LUpright, 15,700 lb. @ 48"36" x 96"41.5Charlotte, NC65$63.00
TU36-144-77LUpright, 15,700 lb. @ 48"36" x 144"60.4Charlotte, NC125$92.00
TU42-96-77LUpright, 15,7000 lb. @ 48"42" x 96"43.2Charlotte, NC65$66.00
TU42-120-77LUpright, 15,7000 lb. @ 48"42" x 120"54.3Charlotte, NC125$79.00
TU42-144-77LUpright, 15,700 lb. @ 48"42" x 144"62.3Charlotte, NC125$95.00
TU42-192-77LUpright, 18,100 lb. @ 48"42" x 192"80.42Charlotte, NC125$125.00
TU48-144-77LUprights, 15,700lbs @ 48''48'' x 144''64.3Charlotte, NC125$99.00
TB48-27EBeam, 5,627 lb./Pair2.7" x 48"12Charlotte, NC65$17.50
TB96-40EBeam, 5058 lb./Pair4" x 96"25Charlotte, NC65$32.00
TB108-45EBeam, 5339 lb./Pair4.5" x 108"29Charlotte, NC125$37.00
TB120-5EBeam, 5,615 lb./Pair5" x 120"34Charlotte, NC125$45.00
TB144-59EBeam, 5,233 lb./Pair5.9" x 144"46Charlotte, NC125$59.00
TB144-65EBeam, 6,669lbs./Pair6.5" x 144"49Charlotte, NC125$65.00
CB36Flanged Galvanized Crossbar36"3.59Charlotte, NC65$7.00 
CB42Flanged Galvanized Crossbar42"4.21Charlotte, NC65$8.00 
CB48Flanged Galvanized Crossbar48"4.83Charlotte, NC65$9.00 
CP16Post Protector - Orange16"15.1Charlotte, NC65$33.00 
RS4Row Spacer4"0.94Charlotte, NC65$4.00 
RS6Row Spacer6"1.15Charlotte, NC65$4.00 
RS8Row Spacer8"1.36Charlotte, NC65$4.00 
RS10Row Spacer10"1.57Charlotte, NC65$4.50 
RS12Row Spacer12"1.78Charlotte, NC65$5.00 
WTK2Wall tie kit2"0.47Charlotte, NC65$2.00
WMD3646Wire Deck, 2250 lb. Cap36" x 46"15.7Charlotte, NC70$19.50 
WMD3652Wire Deck, 3600 lb. Cap36" x 52"22.3Charlotte, NC70$23.50 
WMD3658Wire Deck, 3750 lb. Cap36" x 58"24Charlotte, NC70$25.00 
WMD4246Wire Deck, 2500 lb. Cap42" x 46"20.2Charlotte, NC70$22.00 
WMD4252Wire Deck, 2550 lb. Cap42" x 52"21.5Charlotte, NC70$23.00 
WMD4258Wire Deck, 3200 lb. Cap42" x 58"28.2Charlotte, NC70$25.00 
WMD4846Wire Deck, 2550 lb. Cap48" x 46"26.8Charlotte, NC70$27.50 
WMD4852Wire Deck, 3200 lb. Cap48" x 52"32.9Charlotte, NC70$30.00 
WMD4858Wire Deck, 3300 lb. Cap48" x 58"33Charlotte, NC70$32.00
Shown:  Teardrop Pallet Rack with Wire Decking
Shown:  Teardrop Pallet Rack Uprights and Beams
Teardrop style pallet rack, in stock in Greensboro NC, and Charlotte NC Warehouse, Available for immediate shipment or pick up, Wire decks in stock in Greensboro and Charlotte, NC Warehouses, Teardrop Style uprights and beams, wire decks in stock.  Installation on pallet racking, pallet rack installation, freight quotes and delivery available, same day installation also available
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Teardrop Pallet Rack in Stock Charlotte, NC
Teardrop Pallet Rack & Wire Mesh Decking - In Stock Charlotte, NC
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