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Free Material Handling Catalog
Goff's Curtain Walls
Improving Profitability Through Flexible
Space Setaration
Welding Curtains & Screens
Sound Curtains & Screens
Climate Curtains
Strip Doors
Separate & Maximize Useable Space
Create a retractable barrier for confining dust, dirt & contaminants as well as controlling heat and cold loss. Perfect for Industrial, Auto Body, Woodworking, & More! 
High Performance Vinyl & Mesh Doors
Custom Made High Speed, Wind Load Rated Solid Vinyl & Mesh Roll-Up Doors. For internal and exterior openings.
Welding Curtains & Screens
Available in custom sizes, Goff's Welding products are made to stand up to the harshest shop environments!
Maximum Performance Noise Control
Goff's offers several different noise control products, designed to contain and absorb harmful industrial strength noises.
A Flexible Way to Control Temperature
Dramatically Reduce Temperature Loss with double paneled vinyl curtain walls lined with Thinsulate Ultra Insulation from 3M that provide flexible, climate control isolation.
Control Traffic Flow & Contaminants
Let people & industrial equipment through, while blocking dirt, dust, noise & temperature-controlled air! For internal & external use. Custom & Stock Sizes!